Dedicated to providing shelter and love to abandoned, stray and surrendered animals.



Our Mission is to provide a safe, healthy, and loving environment that will provide temporary shelter for abandoned, stray and surrendered animals for finding each animal a new and prosperous home.


The Babinski Foundation will be the model shelter in our surrounding area, making sure that we address issues of pet overpopulation via our services and provide education on how to prevent it. We also aim to prevent as many pet deaths as we can year after year. The Babinski Foundation believes in the Five Freedoms for animal welfare.

Fees and Donations

Adoption fee - $0     Surrender fee - $0
We now accept deposits for our adoptable animals that can't go home right away for a veterinarian reason or a reason of our own, the deposit is $50 which can be a check, blank signed money order, or cash the deposit will let you have 48 hours once the animal is deemed ready to go home, If you pick up your animal is this allotted time you will get your deposit back. If the 48 hour period elapses the animal will be available for anyone to adopt and you will not receive your deposit back.

We do no accept monetary donations, but will gladly accept the following items: Dog Treats, Cat Treats, Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Towels, Pet Beds, Catnip, Peanut Butter, and Paper Towels

Our Services

We provide veterinarian service, micro-chipping and spay and neuter services to all animals that are housed in our shelter.
We provide each animal with a second chance.
We support a healthy pet community in our area.
We engage our community in volunteer efforts that will stimulate human interaction with the pets in our facility.

The Five Freedoms

Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
Freedom from Discomfort
Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease
Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
Freedom from Fear and Distress

Adoption Policy

1.    The potential adopter must complete the dog or cat adoption survey, which is located at the Foundation.
2.    An adoption employee from the Babinski Foundation will review the survey to see if the potential adopter can provide adequate care for the animal.
3.    If the potential adopter leases or rents their home, they must provide proof they have permission from the landlord that they can have dogs or cats in their home.
4.    The potential adopter has the option of holding the animal by giving us a $50 deposit via a check, a signed blank money order, or cash, the deposit will be returned to the adopter if they pick their animal up within 48 hours, if they don’t pick the animal within 48 hours after the animal becomes adoptable they lose their deposit and the animal can be adopted out to another adopter.
5.    The potential adopter must be 18 years or older to adopt an animal.
6.    The Babinski Foundation retains the right to refuse the adoption for any reason.
7.    If the Babinski Foundation decides the potential adopter can care for the animal an adoption contract will be written up and signed by the potential adopter and an adoption employee from the Babinski Foundation.


“I will give these animals the shot they need to find a great home.”

Donald Babinski  |  Founder

Donald Babinski.jpg


The Babinski Foundation was always the dream of Donald Babinski owner of Babinski Properties. His dream was to have a safe haven for dogs and cats. His dream would start to become a reality when the Babinski Foundation was established in 2010.
Donald Babinski tragically passed away on August 11th 2014, before the project could be completed. His surviving family and friends would not let his dream vanish and worked together to see Donald's dream completed.


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