Helpful Links


Pet First-aid

Click here and here to find information regarding your pet in emergency situations, however, it's best to always consult a vet. Please visit the "Local Veterinarians" tab to find those.

Why spay or neuter your pet?

Click here to watch a video on why it's important to make sure your pets are spayed or neutered.



Can my dog eat...

Wondering what human foods are safe for dogs and which ones you should completely avoid? Click here for a great info-graphic to keep handy in those instances.

The first Month of Adoption; tips & tricks

Best Friends Animal Society is a premier outlet for pet guides and bringing home your new family member. Petfinder brings us a helpful article if you are questioning the best methods for adjusting your new doggy family member to your home. PuppyLeaks also has some helpful tips too, or you can visit PetHelpful with all things pet related. Are you worried about keeping your pet occupied while you're gonne all day at work? This website has some helpful ideas on keeping them busy. You can always call our shelter for advice on dogs you've adopted from us at 218-568-7387 but if you have immediate issues, please contact your vet.




Before you commit

Many people don't always consider the unexpected costs that a furry family member might bring. Pets can be expensive, especially if they have certain needs, a special diet, or most commonly, as they grow older. Committing to a pet means that you are prepared to properly care for them throughout their lifetime and this website as well as this one offer estimated costs on common occurrences, like grooming, and the not-so-common occurrences, like extensive surgery.