Microchip clinic

The Babinski Foundation will microchip your animal for the cost of $15 plus sales tax. If you wish to schedule a time to get your animal(s) chipped please contact our intake manager at
(218) 568-5622. If you would like to find more about micro-chipping see this link

Stray return fee

If the animal is picked up before the animal gets any vaccinations or treatments there is no return fee. However, if the animal has received vaccinations and/or treatments there is a $40 intake fee. This fee helps cover the cost of the vaccinations, treatments, and employee work hours. The $40 intake fee covers the first 24 hours of the animal’s stay at the foundation. For each additional day there is a $2 charge, this additional charge will not exceed the stray hold period. (Ex. Crosby has a 10-day stray hold period if the owner comes and claims the animal 15 days after it has been in our possession we will only charge the $40 fee + $2 * 9 days) The return fee is subjected to sales tax.

Full payment of the return fee is required before the foundation will release the animal to the owner, if the owner chooses not to pay the fee that animal will become the foundations property when the stray hold period elapses.