The Babinski Foundation aims to be the model shelter in our surrounding area, making sure that we address issues of pet overpopulation with our services and provide education on how to prevent it. We also aim to prevent as many pet deaths as we can year after year. The Babinski Foundation believes in the Five Freedoms for animal welfare:

  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst

  • Freedom from Discomfort

  • Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease

  • Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

  • Freedom from Fear and Distress



  • We are a safe place to surrender your or stray dogs or cats.

  • We will provide each animal with full care, including spay and neuter surgeries, all recommended vaccinations and treatments, and a microchip.

  • We will support a healthy pet community in our area.

  • We will engage our community in volunteer efforts to stimulate healthy human interaction with the animals in our area.